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Specialized Face Oils

Inspired by Nature

Elevated by Science

Sustainable by Design

Our specialized face oils start with simple carrier oils, then we add powerful active botanicals.

This results in natural products that are much more effective than carrier oils alone.


Bakuchiol Age Support Elevated Face Oil


Age Support Elevated Face Oil contains Bakuchiol, a botanical retinol alternative, and 3 other performance botanicals to improve the appearance of age-related skin changes. We believe in loving your skin at every age, but it’s no secret that time changes pigmentation and elasticity. This face oil will help enhance your healthy glow no matter your age. It is non-greasy and will leave your skin feeling soft, silky, and smooth.

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bareLUXE elevated face oils are for people who want natural products without sacrificing effectiveness. 

Experience the Power of Active Botanicals

Bakuchiol Age Support Elevated Face Oil - bareLUXE Skincare
Bakuchiol Age Support Elevated Face Oil
Bakuchiol Age Support Elevated Face Oil
Northern Rescue Elevated Recovery Oil - bareLUXE Skincare
Northern Rescue Elevated Recovery Oil
Northern Rescue Elevated Recovery Oil
bare Essential Elevated Face Oil - bareLUXE Skincare
bare Essential Elevated Face Oil
bare Essential Elevated Face Oil



bareLUXE is a vegan, clean beauty brand. Transparency, marketing ethics, and plastic-waste elimination are our core values.

We donate a minimum of 1% of all sales to fund plastic waste cleanup and other initiatives.

2022 - 2023 ACTION PLAN

bareLUXE Sustainability Pledge

Product Refills

On track for 2022 release

Rigid containers like glass vials and jars are easy to wash and re-use. While usually recyclable, they are heavy and bulky to ship. There's no need for them to be discarded after each use.

Most refillable inserts are bulky and just as costly to ship. Others are un-recyclable, so just generate more waste.

We've got a plan!

Our product refill packaging will be completely recyclable and low bulk/weight to minimize packaging and mailing material size.

Exciting New Materials

We're on track to release our first product packaged in Sulapac materials soon!

The world of plastic alternatives and biocomposite materials (particularly compostable ones) is growing rapidly. We are committed to changing our packaging any time we find a material that has a better sustainability profile.

When we make it to the big leagues, we will invest in the R&D needed to support these materials manufacturers to work on new and exciting cosmetics packaging options.

Dream big and make it happen!

Advocacy and Partnerships

New materials require sustainable infrastructure; in particular, municipal waste management strategies.

This all sounds boring, but it's so important to ensure materials that are compostable and/or recyclable **actually** make it to their final pathway at the end of their life. Otherwise, the consumer just feels good about "recycling" something that ultimately goes straight to the landfill.

As our voice grows, so too will our impact.

We are working to develop partnerships with industrial composting and recycling facilities in both Canada and the USA.

Look at what we've accomplished so far!

When you purchase our products, we donate to these global initiatives.



where we're having an impact



of pledged ocean-bound plastic cleanup



pledged to be planted by our partners

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Elevated Simplicity

bareLUXE Skincare 

is an award winning Canadian green beauty brand that transforms simple ingredients into effective products using performance botanicals that work.

bareLUXE specializes in developing the best face oils for your skin type. Each face oil starts with a proprietary blend of carriers oils as a base. Carefully selected active botanicals are then added so the product is more effective than simple carrier oils alone.