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Elevated Face Oils

Our flagship products! We elevate simple carrier oil blends into functional, bioactive products using Performance Botanicals that work.

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Northern Rescue Elevated Recovery Oil
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Bakuchiol Age Support Elevated Face Oil
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bare Essential Elevated Face Oil
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bare Essential

Bare but not boring, these are gentle products made from trusted ingredients. Each is selected for its extensive history of safe use. We use distinct ingredients so you can individualize based on your known sensitivities. Beyond Gentle.

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Green Beauty. Elevated.

Our proprietary CoreComplex™ oil blends are used as a base on which we build effective, natural beauty products. By using Performance Botanicals that work, bareLUXE transforms simple ingredients into functional, effective products that remain close to nature.

Skin Safe Science

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Creating Change Together

When you purchase our impact products, we donate a percentage of our profits to these critical global initiatives.



where we're having an impact



of pledged ocean-bound plastic cleanup



pledged to be planted by our partners

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