Age Support Science Review

Bakuchiol Science Review 

  • Summary of primary research when available.
  • We will not review animal studies and if we find any published literature that uses animals we first make sure that our supplier was not associated.
  • We exclude trials on products with multiple active ingredients as they are usually designed to validate a specific mixture created by another skincare line.
  • Updated as new information becomes available.


These 4 Performance Botanicals are used in our Bakuchiol Age Support Elevated Face Oil


  • Bakuchiol had comparable effect to retinol with improved tolerability 
    • 44 humans, blinded, randomized, 0.5% vs. 0.5%, 12 weeks of use (B1)
  • Similar effects on gene expression and stimulation of collagen
    • In vitro, side-by-side, human dermal fibroblasts and full thickness skin substitutes (B2) 
  • Improved elasticity, firmness, lines/wrinkles, and pigmentation; without undesirable effects
    • 17 humans, 0.5%, 12 weeks of use (B2) 
  • Improved smoothness, feel, clarity, radiance, and increased measurable moisture content. Well tolerated by a panel with eczema, atopic dermatitis, rosacea, and cosmetic intolerance syndrome 
    • 60-humans with sensitive skin, 1%, 4 weeks of use (B3)   
  • Significant reduction in acne lesions, improved appearance of scars, tolerated well. 
    • 13 humans with acne and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (predominantly skin of color), 0.5%, 12 weeks of use (B4) 
  • Improved skin remodeling, firmness, radiance. Measurable decrease in eye-area droopiness and wrinkle depth. Well tolerated.
    • 43 white humans, mixed skin types, Age 45+, bakuchiol 1.5%, 56 days of use (B5)
  • Significant reduction in acne and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Well tolerated.
    • 13 humans, all skin colors, moderate acne, 0.5% twice daily use for 12 weeks (B6)
  • In a lab experiment, Bakuchiol was found to significantly inhibit growth of p acnes, staph aureus, staph epidermidis, and candida albicans (B7) 
  • 1% Bakuchiol found to reduce acne lesions better than 2% salicylic acid (B7)
    • 13 humans in Bakuchiol group, 14 humans in Salicylic acid group, 15 humans in the control group. Results started to be seen after as early as 2 weeks of use and continued to increase for 6 weeks.
    • There was also a 15 human group that used a combination of Bakuchiol and salicylic acid and they saw the most significant reduction in their acne lesions.
  • Bakuchiol Supplier Information

Imperata Cylindrica

  • Supplier Information This is a link to the water soluble product. We use a preservative free, oil based version.
  • Described as working to draw water into the skin for long lasting hydration. The mechanism is felt to be due to a combination of potassium and a phytochemical called DMSP. Together they work to enhance osmosis and increase intracellular water content. 

Date Seed Extract

  • Improvement in facial skin hydration, elasticity, melanin, wrinkle size and depth. Well tolerated without side effects.
    • 43 humans, twice daily use for 8 weeks (D1)
  • Reduced surface wrinkles by 27.6%, reduced wrinkle depth by 3.52%. 60% of the participants felt results were noticeable.
    • 10 women aged 46-58, twice daily use for 5 weeks (D2)
  • Supplier Information

Sweet White Lupine Seed Extract

  • Supplier Information: Described as a patented active molecule that works to improve the look of wrinkles and sagging skin.


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