Our Promise to You

All our products are cruelty-free, plant-based (vegan), and ethically sourced. This is non-negotiable! 

At bareLUXE™ we do not accept an all-or-nothing division that identifies ingredients as being safe/unsafe based solely on their origin.  Even the most natural ingredient can still be the "bad one" that you're hoping not to see when reading an ingredient label.

We focus on telling you what's in our products and why it's there. Read our full mission statement here. Our blog also contains articles where we discuss our marketing strategy and beliefs about corporate responsibility.

bareLUXE Ingredients

bareLUXE Formulations

bareLUXE proprietary CoreComplex™ oil blends were created by our owner and founder, Dr. Heather Smith. These simple blends were each developed for a specific skin concern using oils with medicinal and historical uses. This was a hobby until Heather found that adding powerful, active botanicals resulted in products much more effective than carrier oils alone. 

The CoreComplex blends have now been elevated into the bareLUXE line of products by adding carefully chosen Performance Botanicals.  This transforms them into effective products with visible results.

Green Beauty Elevated 

bareLUXE product development

After that, we package everything up in plastic-free containers and send it on it's way to you.




    Our ideal ingredients have a long history of use or a known safety and effectiveness profile. 

    Whenever possible, bareLUXE™ botanical and herbal ingredients are:

    Grown using sustainable and/or organic farming practices. 

    Plant-based & vegan certified.

    Locally sourced; otherwise sourced globally from producers who ensure safe, ethical, and fair treatment of their employees.

    Never tested on animals (our formulations or the raw materials we use).
          We don't sell products in countries that require animal testing.
    Our products are free from "Free From" lists...

    Banned ingredient lists are controversial. They are uninformative and contribute to misinformation.

    We are a green brand that produces clean products. Our products are designed for people who want effective, plant-based formulations that contain ingredients that remain close to nature. 

    Our approach is to clearly and transparently tell you exactly what is in our formulations and why it's there. 

    We avoid soy and palm oils due to the environmental and humanitarian issues associated with their industrial agriculture. Since palm-oil has so many derivatives, we ensure sustainability information is available and best practices are followed.

    We avoid liquid microplastics. These are ingredients like "carbomer" and some polymers like acrylate copolymer. 

    We can almost always find a different, more biodegradable, way to enhance the texture and thickness of our formulas.