Container Revolution

Down with plastic!

We are currently almost 100% plastic free.

bareLUXE is committed to using skincare containers and packaging that are compostable or completely biodegradable (no microplastics) whenever possible. It is up to smart consumers to help us increase the demand for these types of containers AND put pressure on the “big guys" to step up.

We welcome the competition. Bring it on!

Technology exists to eliminate plastic waste, but without consumer pressure, no large corporation would switch a $0.05 plastic container for a $2.00 sustainable alternative.

So, what are we doing? We’re purchasing our sustainable skincare containers for retail (not wholesale) and just going to suck it up for now.

bareLUXE Sustainable Packaging Promise

At bareLUXE™ Skincare, our promise is that we will adapt and change as rapidly as the technology.

  • We will Improve: We still have some lingering plastic items in our inventory (ie. lotion pumps) and we are on the lookout for replacements.
  • We will Adapt: if we find an amazing packaging option or new technology, we will find a way to have our products used in it, even if it means adapting our product.
  • We will Inform: the labels on our products will clearly explain what they are made of and how to dispose of them.
  • We will Advocate: Join us as we work to start a #ContainerRevolution.

Make The Choice For Clean Beauty & Green Living

Be the Change ❤️